Ok we can all take a deep breath and look forward to cooler days in

the coming months. What that means to us at Pure Harmony

is we want your skin to look younger in 6 months than it is right now.

After a long hot summer the skin is under constant stress from the

environment, inclusive of the sun and the air conditioning.

We have specials for the next 5 months to treat your skin

on a programme that step by step will give you the results you want.


This is our programme for you


We are starting the programme this month with two facials two weeks apart.

March will be the month to treat pigmentation and shed the skin helping to lighten

and brighten with a 50% Vitamin C peel followed 2 weeks later

by a Moisturising and Brightening Vitamin C facial.


The value is $340 total SALE price $299

must be paid in one payment.


We are recommending Vitamin C products for home use.

The 10% C serum and Vitamin C cream to fade off pigment and

protect against free radical damage.


Value $135 for only $100


April will be the month for our signature stem cell, ultra-renewal facial.

It will hydrate the epidermis with stem cell technology for repair of

damaged cells and accelerated collagen production


This month’s Treatment valued at $190 will be on sale at $159


May is the month for Mothers and its Zen month for relaxing and hydrating

from top to toe, the ultimate Day spa experience with special giveaways

with purchase


June is our Mini Package with Dermabrasion of face and neck and lactic Peel and mask

to prepare skin followed 2 weeks later with an IPL treatment of  face and Neck

treating pigment ageing and redness.


This is valued at $400  our sale price $350


July is again another Dermabrasion to remove dead cells and prepare for second

treatment of IPL Neck and Chest 2 separate treatments a week apart


valued at $400 sale price $350


You will receive the emails on the first week of the month to book

and follow our skin gym. We guarantee your skin will look fabulous

and you will be delighted with the results.